Understanding how the brain works — The past, present, and future of brain mapping

  • The parietal lobe covers a profound role in sensory perception and space, body movement, and sense of orientation. This lobe collects relevant information about sensory organs. Here pain is processed and modulated, as well as physical effort and body temperature. It enables us to understand the nature of numbers and other mathematical concepts.
  • The frontal lobe represents the essence of the evolution of the human species. Located in the front of the head, just below the frontal bones of the skull, it covers different functions such as the production of language and speech and the sophisticated executive functions that allow us to plan, pay attention, memorize long-term data, understand what we see and regulate emotions.
  • The occipital lobe is involved in perception and visual recognition. This structure regulates different areas of the visual field, such as identifying mental patterns to process information and send it to other areas of the brain. It makes it possible to perceive color differences and recognize familiar faces, but it also participates in processing emotions and thoughts.
  • The temporal lobe is also responsible for a large number of cognitive processes. In particular, it makes it possible for us to recognize faces; it allows the articulation of language and the understanding of sounds, voice, and music. This structure is also deeply and actively involved in the modulation of emotions, such as motivation, anger, anxiety, and pleasure.
  • The insular lobe seems to play an active role in the perception of taste, in the control of the bowels, and in the somatosensory system, and it would seem to be also associated with our emotional processes since it is also part of the limbic system.



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